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Loan Management System (Micro Finance)

Ready made software

Blood Bank Website CMS & BackEnd

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Blood Bank is a responsive blood bank and donor Content Management System (CMS). Agents can register and manage donors easily by making a payment through PayPal. In this CMS, agents will give their donor advertisements through paying to the website owner. Visitors will come and search for the donors and contact the agents or donors through their email, phone or message forms for any desired blood group.

This CMS has a nice and attractive front end and back end interface that is really awesome and eye-catching. The back end has a lot of nice and maintainable features that are needed for a modern and professional website to handle the contents easily by the client. Almost all kinds of changes are possible to do using the admin panel without having any kind or programming language knowledge.

This CMS is built using the procedural PHP (with PDO feature) and without any framework. For this reason, it can be customized easily by most of the developers.

This CMS is protected against SQL injection, XSS and other attack and your website will be safe. Also in all pages, admin level security and invalid page URL submission checking were done.

Blood Bank CMS script has the following features:
  • Easy and simple interface to use
  • Fully responsive for any kind of device
  • Clean coding with proper commenting
  • Secured coding against SQL injection and XSS attack
  • Direct access or invalid URL press stopped for each page
  • Statistics of important data in the dashboard
  • Unlimited Agent Registration and Management
  • Agent Registration Process by Email Confirming
  • Unlimited blood group creation and management
  • Unlimited category and post creation
  • Unlimited pricing plan creation with cost setup for PayPal
  • Package Subscription by Agent with PayPal
  • Donor Management in Front End by agent
  • Each Donor Approval by Admin
  • Each Donor Update Approval by Admin
  • Unlimited page creation
  • Unlimited menu creation with dropdown
  • The Facebook comment section for each post
  • SEO metadata setup for each post, page, and category
  • Unlimited file uploading system
  • All major social media URL setup for top bar and sidebar
  • Subscriber data export as CSV format

Ready made software

Church Management System


the church management system is developed for building a beautiful dynamic church website with shortcode, drag & drop menu and other features. Sutlej church management is very simple, clean and easy to use. Sutlej church has a powerful dashboard to monitor church activities and to control its modules like financial, member profile, user profile, etc.

Salient Features

  • Powerful Website Module
    • Basic Info
    • Menus
    • Slider
    • Gallery
    • Section
    • Pages
  • Speech Module
    • Add Speech
    • All Speech
  • Event Module
    • Add Event
    • All Events
  • Prayer Request Module
    • Add Prayer Request
    • All Prayer Requests
  • Notice Module
    • Add Notice
    • All Notices
  • Finance Module
    • Funds/Tithes/Offerings
    • Donations
    • Assets
  • Users Module
    • Add User
    • All Users
  • Committee Module
    • Add Committee Member
    • All Committee Members
  • Member Module
    • Add Member
    • All Members
  • Pastor Module
    • Add Pastor
    • All Pastors
  • Clan Module
    • Add Clan
    • All Clan
  • Chorus Module
    • Add Chorus
    • All Chorus
  • Church Staff Module
    • Add Church Staff
    • All Church Staffs
  • Sunday School Module
    • Add Sunday School Student
    • All Sunday School Students
  • Seminar Module
    • Add Seminar
    • All Seminars
    • All Seminar’s Applicants
  • Sermon Module
    • Add Sermon
    • All Sermons
  • Attendance Module
    • Add Attendance Type
    • Browse Attendance
    • View Monthly Base Attendance in Profile Page
  • Family Module
    • Add Family
    • Browse Family
  • Department Module
    • Add Department
    • Browse Department
  • Powerful Import Module
    • Import Speech
    • Import Event
    • Import Prayer
    • Import Notice
    • Import Funds
    • Import Donation
    • Import Assets
    • Import Users
    • Import Committee
    • Import Members
    • Import Pastors
    • Import Clans
    • Import Chorus
    • Import Staff
    • Import Sunday School Student
    • Import Seminar
    • Import Seminar Applicants